Switch to bulb & get £50 cash & any exit fees paid!


Switch to Bulb Energy using my link below and you’ll get £50 free CASH INTO YOUR BANK!

They do all the switching for you and they’ll even pay your exit fees! #FREEMONEY #CHEAPERENERGY

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Bulb has a great referral program - you can also rotate to others such as Octopus, Ovo, So Energy, Igloo etc, and they all have referral programs you can benefit from :slight_smile:


I have been with BULB for about 10 months and have been impressed with them, so I have no hesitation at all in recommending others to join! For me BULB is still the cheapest, it has a good website, a good app and responsive customer support, and far more trustworthy than the big six! So here is another BULB £50 cashback referral link:

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This is an excellent referral scheme, let us know how you get on!