:part_alternation_mark::part_alternation_mark: FREE SHARES - Trading 212 :part_alternation_mark::part_alternation_mark:

:moneybag: Create a Trading 212 ‘INVEST’ account using this link in title
:moneybag: Fund your account with just £1.00
:moneybag: You will then get a notification of your free stock (e.g Fitbit, BMW, Ford, Ebay etc)
:moneybag: Get 20 free shares when your referrals sign up!

I have tried and tested this myself and I am so pleased I found out about this.

Please make sure you choose the INVEST account option when you sign up!!


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Have you tried Webull? They also do free stock!


I don’t think it works in the u.k?


Another one you can try in the UK is FreeTrade - we have some referral codes here: https://www.referralcodes.com/shop/freetrade/


freetrade link

message me for another link if its been taken as each code works only once

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Get a FREE share, worth up to £100 by signing up to Trading 212 using this referral link: http://www.trading212.com/invite/3wm90fB

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